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I just spent two hours watching this. It both made my blood boil and offered unending hope. I think it will appeal to both the most liberal and most conservative people I know. In the end, I am not sure the “solutions” offered are possible, because I personally have too low a view of humanity. Nonetheless, it is definitely worth the time to watch. Everything, up to the solutions ending, is 100% fact based and should scare the crap out of you.

Bill Nye: NOT a Scientist

BillNyeSGBill Nye, known as the “Science Guy” is in fact, NOT a scientist.  He has a B.A. from Cornell in Mechanical Engineering but no higher degree.  He does not have any background in scientific investigation in the terms of grants or research.  While he has been very successful in edutainment and he may have even turned some children on to science… this does not make him a scientist.  So why should we listen to him on the topic of climate change?  To make matters worse, Nye suggests that people who are “climate deniers” should be criminally prosecuted.  Is Nye now a lawyer too?  This is more press for the Orwellian thought police who care nothing of our Constitutionally protected rights pushing pseudo science as a cover for wealth transfer.

Libtard Award

Terence Gardner, Libtard

“Climate change affects everything in my life, from where I’m going to live to whether I wanted to have kids,” said Mr. Gardner, who added that he did not know many details about Mrs. Clinton’s policy agenda.

Terence Gardner, 25, a freelance videographer an film editor, of Brooklyn NY won’t have children because of concerns about climate change.  Wait.  What?  This 25 year old guy doesn’t want to have children because of “climate change?”  Even if we took the climate change Nazis at face value and assumed the worst, their suppositions don’t call for the end of the world for centuries.  So why would someone choose to not have children now?  I could see not having children if the final days were eminently in view, but at worst case scenario they are not.  Mr. Gardner congratulations on being a Libtard and thank you for NOT procreating!


Beware: Orwell’s Thought Police In Action

My grandmother always said that there are two things one should never talk about at the dinner table, religion and politics.  Both topics carrying heavy emotions and people get very heated in their exchanges on religion and politics.  I always felt that one of the greatest things about the United States was that we DID talk about religion and politics.  Growing up with parents in academia, I have been engaged in serious debates on these topics since I was a young child.  My father’s best friend, when I was a child, was a man he did not agree with at all on almost anything political.  Yet, they managed to have a long and meaningful friendship.  I too have had, and continue to have, friends with whom I have not agreed with on both topics.

Now it seems that we cannot discuss politics… not for fear of being rude… but fear of being prosecuted by the thought police.  In this case the thought police is a group of 15 State AGs (California, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington State) and the AGs from D.C. and the Virgin Islands. [Is it just a coincidence that all of these AGs are Democrats?]  Speaking for the group NY AG Eric Schneiderman said that “Climate Change” was “real” and companies advertising thoughts stating otherwise would be prosecuted for fraud.  The Justice Department is also considering a similar course of action against “deniers.”    

Are these people serious?  Unfortunately they are very serious.  Liberals and progressives, including many RINOs, have been chipping away at our civil liberties for years.  Now these traitors are so emboldened to openly advertise their absolute contempt for the First Amendment.  The Citizens United  SCOTUS case basically granted corporations with the same rights as citizens… meaning corporations (for-profit and not-for-profit) also have a right to free speech.  While I do not agree with the Citizens United decision, I am also against any attempt to circumvent the First Amendment.

There are so many corporations and people engaging in real acts of fraud that hurt numerous people and this is what these AGs want to spend their time on?  If the NY AG’s office is looking for a fraud case to prosecute, I have one against Facebook I would love to have them work on!




Global Warming Hoax Update

Very interesting piece on Global Warming.   Haskins brings up several interesting and key questions such as: Is there any scientific evidence that humans can actually reduce carbon output enough to effect a downward change in global temperatures?  Does a correlation prove causation?