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Not a Good Day for Trump

Today has not been a good day for Donald Trump. In one interview he says that women who get illegal abortions should face punishment and in another he says he would pick Supreme Court Justices who would look at Hillary Clinton‘s Email Scandal.

In the first interview, Chris Matthews asks Trump if abortion should be banned and Trump says yes.  Matthews then asks Trump if abortion is banned, should women who get an abortion be punished.  Trump tries to evade answering but Matthews holds the course and eventually Trump says yes, women who obtain illegal abortions should be punished.   This statement by Trump is troubling on several levels.  First, taking such a hard line will cause the 70% of the American public that is on the pro-choice spectrum to bristle.  Secondly, prior to Roe v Wade women were very rarely criminally prosecuted for illegal abortions.  Today one hardly ever hears a cry to start prosecuting women for illegal or self-inflicted abortions (many women have turned to supposed “homeopathic” abortion alternatives that can be ordered online).  So why Trump would take this stance is puzzling as it only seems that it would cause further chastisement and disdain from women voters.

In the second interview Trump is asked who he would pick for the open SCOTUS seat… and he replies, “Well, I’d probably appoint people that would look very seriously at her email disaster because it’s a criminal activity, and I would appoint people that would look very seriously at that to start off with.”  WHAT?  Does this man who is running for President of the United States not understand our three branches of government and what each of them do?  The Supreme Court does NOT investigate anything!  The Justice Department has dozens of agencies that DO investigate crimes but the Supreme Court is not one of them.  If Trump doesn’t understand the basic separation of powers and the structure of our government, how can he claim to be qualified to be President?

Interesting History Channel Piece on Trump

As I have said many times before, I am not a Trumpster.  When Donald Trump first announced his candidacy I did support him because I knew he could turn the Republican Party on its’ head and shake things up; and things needed to be shaken up.  I did not think he would go the whole distance.  I thought I would bring about some change and fade away in the primaries.  I was wrong.  Trump has shown amazing resilience and I do believe this fight will go right through into the convention and possibly afterwards if the Party plays some trickery to sideline Trump.

This documentary (which for some reason repeats itself at the end) is very interesting and did garner some more respect from me for Trump.

Islam v Judeo-Christianity in Terms of Extremism

This particular post was born in a Facebook conversation following the terror attacks in Brussels…

Ary: Brussels didn’t deserve this, neither did Paris, neither did Ankara, Istanbul, Madrid, London, and NYC. There is no justification for terror attacks on civilians.

Richard: But Islam is the religion of Peace.

Ary: Islam isn’t the enemy, militant Islam is the enemy. I’m not worried my neighbors across the street are going to blow up my house, but the people being radicalized in certain Mosques around the world make me worry
Richard: If a person is a practicing Muslim… they are a threat. One cannot be a loyal patriotic American and be a practicing Muslim… they are mutually exclusive. Someone of Islamic heritage that is not practicing… that is another story.
Vinny: Richard, please tell me the difference between a moderate Christian whose book (the bible) can be read to incite violence against women/children and own slaves, and the moderate Muslim who believes in the Quran.

Either taken to the extreme can be dangerous, on that I think we both agree. However, you believe that even non-extremist belief in the Quran is counter to American values. So please tell me the difference between the Quran and the Bible.

There are many differences between the Bible and the Quran. While both books claim to be the word of God, the Bible is written by many different people over a long period of time, whereas, the Quran is based on one man’s life, Muhammad. The Christian Bible has various sections in which different people express the words of God. These people being human, I am sure some of them were “good” while others may not have been. What we do know about Muhammad though is that he was NOT a good man. He was a pedophile. He married one of his twenty wives when she was just six years old. Many Muslims point out that Muhammad did not have sexual relations with her until she was nine or ten, as if this is any less of a crime against a child. Muhammad embraced violence. He is known to have killed at least one man himself and ordered the killing or assassination of dozens. Muhammad was a misogynist. He declared that the majority of hell’s inhabitants would be women because they were half as smart as men, not as religious as men and they were ungrateful to their husbands.

It is also of interest to read both books and see what lessons are given.  Let us look at the act of lying.  The Bible has only two verses where lying is permitted and in both instances it is only acceptable when standing up to evil (Exodus 1:19 and Joshua 2:4–5).  On the other hand, lying is part of the Muslim religion in the form of Al-taqiyya.  According to TROP (The Religion of, “There are several forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, the best known being taqiyya. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.”  If it’s OK for a Muslim to lie to a non-Muslim, how can we ever trust what a Muslim says?

Vinny you write, “Either taken to extreme can be dangerous, on that I think we both agree.” I would not agree. What is your proof of that. There is plenty of proof about the dangers of Islam being taken to the extreme, but what evidence do you have of harm caused by Christian extremism? Let’s take the worst Christian group, Westboro Baptist Church… these people are mentally ill and filled with hate. They demonstrate at the funerals of fallen soldiers and they demonstrate with signs saying “God Hates Fags” (that is even their website address  These people take snippets from the Bible and turn it into the most repulsing form of vitriolic vomit one can think of… BUT… But, they don’t kill anyone!  They HATE homosexuals but they do not kill homosexuals.  On the other hand, we all know that Muslim extremists do kill homosexuals.  WBC members don’t stone people for adultery, but the Muslims do, and not just the “extremists.”  This is a “deliberately slow and cruel punishment.”

What about some other “extreme” Judeo/Christian groups?  When was the last time you heard of the Amish stoning someone?  Or the Chabad-Lubavitch?   Both of these groups take a fairly conservative/strict interpretation of their respective religious texts.  And yes, they both engage in certain behaviors, such as shunning or ex-communicating, that we may not agree with… but they don’t kill anyone!  There are estimates that historically 270 million people have been killed by jihad.

Lastly, look historically at the spread of Judaism/Christianity and Islam.  Islam has only spread through wars and violence, “Convert or die!”  Christians send out missionaries with no weapons other than the Bible.  Jews… they don’t proselytize at all.  I have always wanted to go to a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall and bang on the door during a service and say, “Have you heard the good news? Who wants to be a Jew?” but I am a wiseass.

I could go on and on… but what’s the point?

WNRC hosts Ted Cruz… and I was there!

Ted Cruz made a campaign stop in the Big Apple last week to give a talk at the Women’s National Republican Club.  Cruz spoke to a packed room and garnered much applause for his rebukes of Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner William Bratton regarding their responses to his suggestion that police spend more time in Muslim dominated neighborhoods. Cruz said, “We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.” While de Blasio and Bratton may take issue with this statement, it seems like common sense to me. _MG_3793-EditPeople need to stop allowing the forces of Political Correctness to whitewash this issue.  Radical Muslim Terrorism is a threat to all of Western society.  Our current commander-in-chief, President Obama, has never been able to utter those three simple words.  Never.  Cruz had no problem addressing where the problem is and what we need to do about it. For our collective safety we cannot permit the rise of “no go zones” where Islam is permitted to run unchecked under its’ own Sharia Law.

As impressive as Cruz usually is on TV, he was even more inspirational in person. The thing that stuck in my mind the most after the talk was how much Ted Cruz contrasted with the current front-runner Donald Trump. Cruz is a genuine Constitutional Conservative.  When he speaks he does so in a calm and rational manner.  He demonstrates his understanding of the law and his ideas for the future.  He carries himself with class.


After the Cruz talk was over, former Republican Governor George Pataki of New York was seen entering the building.  On his way in Pataki took questions from the media and some bystanders.  Pataki said, “We need to nominate anyone but Donald Trump!”  Could there be an endorsement coming from the former Governor?


Hillary is a Pathological Liar

I have always had a visceral negative reaction to Hillary Clinton.  I have never trusted her and never thought her motives pure.  I recognize that not all people share the same beliefs and think everyone should educate themselves and make informed decisions.  But… it baffles me how anyone can support Hillary Clinton at this point.  I know there is a group of women in this country that will vote for her simply because she is a woman and we have never had a female president.  Voting for her simply because she is female is just as sexist as someone not voting for her simply because she is female.  The fact that she is female should have nothing to do with her worthiness of our votes in this presidential election. Some people voted for Barack Obama just because he was black… and look at how that turned out!

Hillary Clinton helped her husband, President Bill Clinton, cover up his affairs with numerous women and helped organized attacks on these women.  Tell me, how does she help women?

Hillary has been dishonest from the earliest stages of her career when she acted unethically as part of the Watergate inquiry.  The Judiciary Committee’s Chief Counsel was Jerry Zeifman, who said of Clinton (then using her maiden name Rodham), “Hillary was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

She outright lies about her own political stances, both current an historical.  She outright lies about her own political stances from years past.  I understand that people evolve and therefore their positions may shift over time and that is fine.  But for someone who opposed same sex marriage and now claims to be in favor of same sex marriage to say they were never opposed it just doesn’t make sense.  Is her memory that bad?  Does she suffer from some neurological disorder?  How can anyone explain away the numerous times she has shifted her policy stances and then just point blank lied about her own well documented stances?

The number of times and far ranging topics Hillary lies about is disturbing.  I just do not understand how anyone can support this woman at this point.  She needs to retire and fade away in our collective memory!

Vets 2A Rights Trampled

According to this post by Chris Eger the office of Veterans Affairs has reported more than 260,000 veterans to the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check system (commonly referred to as NICS)… essentially eroding their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

Senate Judiciary Chairman, Chuck Grassley (R, Iowa)  is disturbed by this but he fails to see it for what it is.  Grassley says, “The VA’s careless approach to our veterans’ constitutional rights is disgraceful.”  This assumes that the adding of a quarter of a million veterans to the “no buy” list was due to carelessness or done in error.  I would argue that this is all part of Obama’s transformation of America.  The socialist don’t want an armed population.  A disarmed populace is much easier to dominate and control!

These men and women have put their lives on the line for all of us and they deserve our utmost admiration and respect… not to be labelled as mentally ill and stripped of their Constitutional rights!

Global Warming Hoax Update

Very interesting piece on Global Warming.   Haskins brings up several interesting and key questions such as: Is there any scientific evidence that humans can actually reduce carbon output enough to effect a downward change in global temperatures?  Does a correlation prove causation?