2% … Let That Percolate!

When I started to do some research on just what proportion of the U.S. population was homosexual I was totally dumbfounded by what I discovered.  I, like many people I have spoken with, assumed that it must be some significant number considering all of the changes our society has made to accommodate this group.  There is hardly a news cycle that goes by that does not have some story about gay rights, same sex marriage and the all so popular topic now of transgender people.  I also must say that I live in an affluent suburb of NYC where metro-sexual men are predominant, even in “traditional” marriages.  So, I thought homosexuals must make up something around 20-30% of the population.  Imagine my total shock to find out that homosexuals only make up less than 4% of the U.S. population; and transgendered people make up around 0.2%.

Let that sink in.  Same sex marriage has been a dominant political issue during the past twenty years.  We now have daily stories about transgender people and the public outrage in response to laws like the one in Kansas that allows students to sue their schools for allowing “trans students” using the “wrong” bathroom.  I don’t care what the law says… it’s wrong to allow someone with a penis to use the girls bathroom simply because they feel they were born into the wrong body… especially in the case of secondary schools.  By the way, all public schools have unisex handicapped accessible bathrooms that could be used by said confused students.  Therefore, one must assume that all of the publicity about this subject is NOT about equal rights.  It’s a mechanism being used by political activists who don’t truly care about the transgender students but rather are using them.

Our society has been turned upside down to accommodate 2% of the population.  I don’t understand that.  Is it democratic to have 2% of a population force changes onto the other 98%?  To make matters worse I don’t believe all of the changes have been simply to “accommodate” the homosexual population.  The “same-sex marriage” issue was not about equal rights.  It was meant to eat away at the moral fabric of our society towards the goal of deteriorating the country as a whole.  If the same sex marriage issue was truly about equal rights then civil unions would have addressed those legal issues; which did need to be addressed.  Many states passed civil union laws, but that was not enough for the political cause.  Why not?  Because equal rights under the law was not the real goal.

One cannot simply change the meaning of a word that has had one meaning for thousands of years simply to assuage the feelings of a very minor portion of society.  Marriage is between a man and a woman.  Period.  It should not matter that this will cause some hurt feelings for some people.  By its’ very nature life is not fair.  Government cannot change nature and thousands of years of history.  If the government issued an edict stating that from now the period of the day that is light out will be known as night-time and the period of the day when it is dark will be known as daytime… would it really be so?  We are living in truly Orwellian times.

I would be amiss if I did not point out that in fact homosexuality is deviant and transgenderism is especially deviant, statistically speaking.  If 99.7% of the population is one way, by definition the remaining .3% is statistically deviant.


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