Liberalism Breeds False Entitlement

One of the problems with the raging liberalism in this country is the false sense of entitlement it breeds.  Liberals want “free” everything, from healthcare to education.  Liberals claim that health care and education are “rights” despite there being nothing in the Constitution (you know, that pesky piece of paper that outlines our Rights) about either health care or education.  In addition to these things not being rights, there is another huge problem… nothing is free! Someone has to pay the doctors and hospitals for their services.  Someone has to pay the teachers and for the books.  All of these things don’t just materialize out of thin air.

Tanya Hunt, Photo Thief (I Right Click Saved this photo from Facebook and cropped our her husband.)
Tanya Hunt, Photo Thief (I Right Click Saved this photo from Facebook and cropped out her husband.)

This idea that people are entitled to all of this free stuff is not limited to getting things from the government.  When I am not ranting on here about politics I am a professional photographer.  This past weekend my step-son was in a school play; of course, I took photos.  I put the photos of the play online (in a password protected web gallery, with the “download file” option turned off and the “Right Click to Save” option disabled) for other parents to buy prints at a substantial discount from my normal rates  and furthermore offered to give back 15% of profits to the drama club.  One parent stole a photo from the web gallery, cropped my watermark out and then shared it on Facebook with some photos she took.  She must have done a screen capture since there was no legitimate way to download the file from the gallery.  This constitutes criminal theft of services… possibly a felony.  I know the parent in question.  She is a raving liberal.  It makes perfect sense to me that she would not think she did anything wrong… afterall she is entitled to the photo of her child.  Taking advantage of my hard work is not something this woman is entitled to!

Now some people might say, “Aren’t you being a bit hypocritical since you use a lot of photos on this website that are not your own?”  It’s true that I use other people’s photos on this site.  When writing about a particular topic I do a Google image search and find a publicly available photo and never present it as my own.  My using publicly available photos here is covered under the “Fair Use” section of copyright law.

Bill Nye: NOT a Scientist

BillNyeSGBill Nye, known as the “Science Guy” is in fact, NOT a scientist.  He has a B.A. from Cornell in Mechanical Engineering but no higher degree.  He does not have any background in scientific investigation in the terms of grants or research.  While he has been very successful in edutainment and he may have even turned some children on to science… this does not make him a scientist.  So why should we listen to him on the topic of climate change?  To make matters worse, Nye suggests that people who are “climate deniers” should be criminally prosecuted.  Is Nye now a lawyer too?  This is more press for the Orwellian thought police who care nothing of our Constitutionally protected rights pushing pseudo science as a cover for wealth transfer.

Libtard Award

Terence Gardner, Libtard

“Climate change affects everything in my life, from where I’m going to live to whether I wanted to have kids,” said Mr. Gardner, who added that he did not know many details about Mrs. Clinton’s policy agenda.

Terence Gardner, 25, a freelance videographer an film editor, of Brooklyn NY won’t have children because of concerns about climate change.  Wait.  What?  This 25 year old guy doesn’t want to have children because of “climate change?”  Even if we took the climate change Nazis at face value and assumed the worst, their suppositions don’t call for the end of the world for centuries.  So why would someone choose to not have children now?  I could see not having children if the final days were eminently in view, but at worst case scenario they are not.  Mr. Gardner congratulations on being a Libtard and thank you for NOT procreating!


Former Soviets Say NO to Bernie!

Americans who lived in Soviet Russia don’t understand the lure of Bernie Sanders.  These people lived “the peoples revolution” and remember the food shortages and family members being taken in the night.  Why would anyone want to bring that to America?  I have personally met several Russian Jews who are dumbfounded by the direction our country has taken the past few years.  One woman told me, “I left Russia to get away from this.  Where do we go now?”

Meat Comes from the Meat Fairy!

Being a common sense Constitutional Conservative I often find myself shaking my head at what liberals say or propose. So I don’t know why I am so surprised by the actions of this moron.  But I am.

Benner’s Farm is a family owned working farm that has been owned and operated by the Benner family for generations.  The designation “working farm” is important.  A working farm is “a farm whose agricultural land and buildings are in active use for crop production and/or the raising of livestock,” according to  Benner sells farm fresh eggs, homemade jams and fleeces from the wool of their own sheep.  They also grow a wide variety of vegetables and livestock. The family lives off of the farm.  They eat what they grow and raise.  This has been a way of life for their family for many many years.  This has been a way of life for many families throughout the history of this nation.

The Face of Idiocy
Kimberly Sherriton, Idiot

Meet Kimberly Sherriton of Commack, LI NY.  Mrs. Sherriton took her children to Benner’s Farm in Setauket, NY.  Sherriton fell in love with Minnie the cow.  “I instantly felt a connection with this special animal,” writes Sherriton on her Facebook page to “Save Minnie from Slaughter.”  Sherriton was horrified when she found out that the Benner family had plans to butcher Minnie the cow.  She even offered to buy the cow from the Benners in order to “save it.”  The Benners did not want to sell their cow; their family needs the meat.  In a totally moronic statement Sherriton suggested that they sell the cow to her and use the money to buy their meat from the store.  Where does this brain dead twat think the meat in the store comes from?  The Meat Fairy?   Sherriton, not one to be stopped in her tracks when she sticks her nose in someone else’s business, organized protests outside the farm!  Seriously, what is this womyn’s disfunction?  Luckily Benner’s Farm has received an outpouring of support on Facebook and elsewhere, but that has not stopped the demonstrators.

Minnie The Cow

“Why would I send her to live in sanctuary someplace with no reason for being? Her reason for being is to be a meat animal. That’s what she was born to be,” said Jean Benner of Benner’s Farm.

This is yet the latest example of how our society has become disconnected… this time with their own food.


The New Faces of Fascism

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”
Mark Twain

The left has dominated higher education in this country for the better half of a century.  These institutions of “higher learning” have acted to indoctrinate a generation into liberalism/progressivism.  Today both institutions of higher education and secondary education are completely dominated with liberals. Contrary to their designation, liberals are anything but liberal.  This is an autocratic oppressive group.

Assistant Principal Claude Frank
Assistant Principal Claude Frank

In 1987 I was attending Ward Melville High School.  I was going through a hard time as my parents were divorcing.  I acted out in school so much I was getting suspended… again.  My mother came in to speak with the Assistant Principal for my grade, Claude Frank.  After much back and forth Mr. Frank told my mother that perhaps she “should put more effort into making sure things were OK at home and let the ‘professionals’ take care of things at school.”  Need-to-say my mother blew a gasket.  While on the surface this might sound retrograde, look at the underlying thought… the schools know what is best for the children, the parents be damned.  I will give credit where it is due: 25 years later I reconnected with Mr. Frank on Facebook and he apologized to me saying that I deserved better than the way he treated me.  While I appreciated his apology, the damage had already been done.


Dr. Raina Kor
Dr. Raina Kor, Asst. Superintendent IUFSD

That was almost 30 years ago.  The progressive educators today feel so emboldened that they openly flaunt their power over both students and parents.

At the “Parents Night” at an elementary school in a suburb of New York City, the principal, Dr. Raina Kor, told parents that they were less important to the students than the teachers and herself.  Dr. Kor snuck this into her talk so easily that most parents did not catch it.  Dr. Kor was able to sneak it in so easily because she believes it… the the parents have been trained not to question school administrators… so it went unnoticed.  As soon as Dr. Kor said this, my wife and I looked at one another and my wife grabbed my arm because she could see that I was about to fly out of my seat.  Then we looked around and realized that the rest of the audience was simply numb and had no issue with their ever lessening control over their own children.  Why have parents relinquished their duty to raise their own children?    There has been a wholesale abdication of personal responsibility, including parenting.


Fascist Educator Holly Ray
Holly Ray, Principal Bear Branch Elem. Magnolia ISD

Principal Holly Ray of the Bear Branch Elementary School in Magnolia ISD in Texas.  Ms Ray made an edict at the beginning of this school year that all students had to either be brought to school via a bus or driven by a parent.  She further stated that no one was permitted to walk to school, even if they live right next door.  Additionally, parents are not allowed to walk onto school property.  Any parents violating these edicts will be arrested!  This is not an empty threat; Ray has the police at the school handing out violations.  We can now be arrested for walking our children to school.

Once again I find myself shaking my head thinking we truly live in Orwellian times.  Words, gender, sexuality and family no longer mean what they have for millenniums.  Government schools indoctrinate our children without concern of parental interference.  Our civil liberties have been eroded by our own hand.  It’s all very scary.

Lenin on Education from Agenda: Grinding America Down
Lenin on Education from Agenda: Grinding America Down

2% … Let That Percolate!

When I started to do some research on just what proportion of the U.S. population was homosexual I was totally dumbfounded by what I discovered.  I, like many people I have spoken with, assumed that it must be some significant number considering all of the changes our society has made to accommodate this group.  There is hardly a news cycle that goes by that does not have some story about gay rights, same sex marriage and the all so popular topic now of transgender people.  I also must say that I live in an affluent suburb of NYC where metro-sexual men are predominant, even in “traditional” marriages.  So, I thought homosexuals must make up something around 20-30% of the population.  Imagine my total shock to find out that homosexuals only make up less than 4% of the U.S. population; and transgendered people make up around 0.2%.

Let that sink in.  Same sex marriage has been a dominant political issue during the past twenty years.  We now have daily stories about transgender people and the public outrage in response to laws like the one in Kansas that allows students to sue their schools for allowing “trans students” using the “wrong” bathroom.  I don’t care what the law says… it’s wrong to allow someone with a penis to use the girls bathroom simply because they feel they were born into the wrong body… especially in the case of secondary schools.  By the way, all public schools have unisex handicapped accessible bathrooms that could be used by said confused students.  Therefore, one must assume that all of the publicity about this subject is NOT about equal rights.  It’s a mechanism being used by political activists who don’t truly care about the transgender students but rather are using them.

Our society has been turned upside down to accommodate 2% of the population.  I don’t understand that.  Is it democratic to have 2% of a population force changes onto the other 98%?  To make matters worse I don’t believe all of the changes have been simply to “accommodate” the homosexual population.  The “same-sex marriage” issue was not about equal rights.  It was meant to eat away at the moral fabric of our society towards the goal of deteriorating the country as a whole.  If the same sex marriage issue was truly about equal rights then civil unions would have addressed those legal issues; which did need to be addressed.  Many states passed civil union laws, but that was not enough for the political cause.  Why not?  Because equal rights under the law was not the real goal.

One cannot simply change the meaning of a word that has had one meaning for thousands of years simply to assuage the feelings of a very minor portion of society.  Marriage is between a man and a woman.  Period.  It should not matter that this will cause some hurt feelings for some people.  By its’ very nature life is not fair.  Government cannot change nature and thousands of years of history.  If the government issued an edict stating that from now the period of the day that is light out will be known as night-time and the period of the day when it is dark will be known as daytime… would it really be so?  We are living in truly Orwellian times.

I would be amiss if I did not point out that in fact homosexuality is deviant and transgenderism is especially deviant, statistically speaking.  If 99.7% of the population is one way, by definition the remaining .3% is statistically deviant.