Obama’s inJustice Dept at it Again!


So, apparently AG Lynch has said that the Justice Department has ordered the FBI to look into prosecuting “climate deniers.”

“Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) raised the issue, drawing a comparison between possible civil action against climate change deniers and civil action that the Clinton administration pursued against the tobacco industry for claiming that the science behind the dangers of tobacco was unsettled.”

There is a big difference between tobacco companies that pushed BS research in order to cover their asses on the known health issues related to smoking and climate deniers.  If ALL of the climate deniers were funded by oil and coal companies… then perhaps this would be some form of criminal collusion.  But many of us “deniers” have nothing to do with oil and coal.  There are many reputable scientists who have said that climate change is a hoax.

Neil Cavuto… STFU #FoxDumpCavuto

Watching Fox News as I do ever afternoon and Neil Cavuto in interviewing Dr. Ben Carson on his endorsement of Donald Trump.  The whole time Cavuto has some kind of Cheshire cat smirk on his face… and when he wasn’t smirking or obviously trying to goad Dr. Carson, Cavuto was stuttering.  How does a guy like this get a prime slot?